2008 GrEnADE 1.0

It was an old plan to create an editable demo engine. The Temptation demo is a technical test demo for making work this new engine system. It works with the help of project plugins, stored in XML files, visualized with OpenGL graphic API. The aim is to reach the Grenade status, which means a Graphic Engine And Demo Environment system. The main plan for the future is to create a visual editor. The task of it will be the timing and to make easier the animation of the plugin parameters. After an effective basic system will grow up, the new plan will be to make a LINUX and MACOSX port as well.


2007 is the year of 1k as the Hologograms is falling apart (jumper becomes a family man, the college is already over) and aha try to keep alive the demogroup with 1k intros. At the same time he is working on the new engine.


The engine which has new basics already, fails in 2006. A script laguage is realised, but it has no scheme and is working pell-mell. The best evidence of this was the Function party of 2006. The complicated, undocumented script throws in the towel when aha was triing to finish their demo on an unfamiliar keyboard of a laptop. This affair put back the release of the Holograms demo for 2 years.


Aha decides to write his diplome work about computer graphics, so in the demos of Holograms the shots for the diplome work can be seen from 2004 to 2005. The programming language changes from Object Pascal to C++ and hard coding changes to parametic solution as well. By the end of 2005 comes out a demand to set new basics for the Holograms engine.


One night, the group try to make their program work in Delphi. At dawn, the first 3DS max exporter reader is born which is not a demo yet, but already sets the basics which the group can build on. In Autumn, the Holograms releases its first demo in Dunaujvaros, on the Resource Demo Show. That's their homework for the computer graphics lesson at the same time.


The idea of the demogroup is from two roommates in the College of Dunaujvaros in the spring of 2002. The daydreamers start programming with less experiances but with more pleasure. They try it first in Pascal, but as aha has no idea about programming, jumper has to teach him. (thank you jumper) They skip the "Hello World" programs and start to rotate WireFrame cubes. They have the chance to show their first programs to the Fresh!Mindworkz demogroup. The guys decision that they will work in OpenGL is due to pasy. From this time the way of Holograms is aligned by the wonderful fresh trio. (pasy, pontscho, remage)